“It isn’t all about drinks and lunch at the Ivy…”


“What is publishing?”

All eyes sunk to notebooks and people began twiddling their pen in their hands, all attempting to pass Tony’s eye as he scanned the room. The introductory lecture about the business of editing was definitely an eye opener, I wasn’t the only one who did not know much about Publishing.

Perhaps I had previously looked at a career in publishing rather naively, but it became certain that my knowledge of the industry was limited. There was a general discussion about the process of publication and how the Commissioning Editor undoubtedly plays a huge part in the overall product and is not just a ‘buyer’ as google might like to describe them. It was interesting to note that when asked the question “Who wants to be a Commissioning Editor” not one hand was raised. Through general class discussions and an insight into the reality of this job role, the answer to his question altered by the end of the session. For me personally, I don’t think I have quite made my mind up just yet but I can definitely say that corresponding to a real author about a real issue was quite honestly, terrifying.

There are always individuals in a group session who wish to take lead voicing their opinion and that person was definitely not me today. There are many excuses that I can give for staying quiet but in reality, it is something that I will have to overcome both in the classroom and beyond.

— 28/09/16



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