“If you can read it, so can your customer”


You need to know the book inside out, cover to cover and back to front. Otherwise, the target for the market audience may not be specific.

Ultimately, you need to get the book in the readers hand and the process to this is significantly longer than first anticipated. I hold my hands up to say, like many others in the class, that sales and marketing is easier than other jobs … How wrong were we?!

Publishing is a business and not a library, the books that are made are to sell and if they don’t sell first time, you try and try again. It was interesting to get insight into working for an independent publisher as they do everything with a smaller budget.

One of the most important things for marketing is to find your target market and find an entry into that. For example, Bluemoose have recently promoted their latest novel ‘The Secret to not Drowning’ with Netmums. This allowed a huge influx of new readership and promotion through their website. It is important to find a medium to push your work to the right reader.

This session looked at the traditional sales and marketing techniques oppose to the new digital techniques as the generation is changing. It is important to keep unto date with social media and online activities as a lot of society now rely on this for everything.

The whole process of each publication can take anywhere from 12-24 months, but in this time there are a few key points that need to be done:

  • Get the bibliographic information and jacket to Neilsen about 6 months before publication
  • Have an Advanced Information (AI) sheet put together 4 months before publication
  • Have proof copies ready to send to the media 4 months before publication

Basically … Don’t stop!

Kevin also stated the importance of marketing after the book has been published. If there is a local event, radio show or social gathering occurring around publication or just after that has some link to your book, promote promote and promote! S


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