“No, it isn’t just one step”


There are many steps that go before publication and the Desk Editor does a lot of them.

  • Acquire the manuscript from the Commissioning Editor
  • Writing the brief for the copyeditor
  • Assess the copy edited text
  • Make sure that all changes have been taken in
  • Send the file to the typesetter
  • Check the typeset proofs
  • Send the text to the author for their corrections
  • Check the marked up proof when they return
  • Check the revised copies against the marked up proofs
  • Check the final text before it is sent to print
  • Check the digital edition if necessary

Due to the vast number of steps in this role, time keeping and organisation is key. As this can span over months and typically will not be the only piece of work due in at the same time, it does become a sort of juggling act.

As Andrew discussed, it is slightly different in Academic Publishing to Fiction as the overlap of jobs is a lot more common in Academic. The Production team will do a lot more Editing than in a larger, fiction publishing house.

With this being said however, it is a role that I would consider applying for as I think I currently hold the skills that would be beneficial to this role.



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