“Merry Christmas .. Here is a test”


As this was our final session before the Christmas break, it was a tad shorter than the rest. With this being said however it did feel long as we had to complete a copy-editing test.

I began to overthink a lot of my changes and then proceed to correct my corrections and override them with mistakes. Unfortunately, this was not a good exam for me!

Some people were able to finish completely and re-check, but I struggled to finish it and did not get to the last page. I was quite disappointed with myself as I really did try hard to take everything in and apply it to the work.

We had a brief discussion about our time with Andrew and what we have learnt and I think it was very beneficial to have him come in a talk. He is an industry professional with years of experience and even if I am not to go into copy-editing as my career, I will face something that will need editing one day!

If I could suggest one thing to change for this module, I think it would be beneficial if we had a step by step guide to copy-editing and why/when to change certain things with Andrew.


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