“If you hate it, please tell me!”



With this being our first session with Becky, we had an introductory lesson about the basics of design and what design actually means!

We were asked to bring in a book and recreate the cover design. I chose Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn as I think it is a very eye catching cover design but doesn’t exactly link to the story. With this being said, I came up with the idea of a smashed wine glass on the floor in a bathroom, with a door just cracked open so the reader can see only some of the scene. As this is a mystery, thriller novel I decided to play with that on my cover design and alter the angle that had originally been thought of.

With this being said however, I do actually like the original cover – I just had to change it!

We have to create a log of Book Cover designs for this module and I think this will be interesting to see why I favour certain designs over others!

Overall, this was a fabulous first lesson with Becky and I look forward to the rest of the design module. I suspect that I will learn a lot of practical skills that will benefit me in the future, whichever job role I decide to take!


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