“Really, nobody wants to be an Editor?”


This week we had our first lesson with Andrew Kirk, a freelance copy editor, who has years of experience in the industry. We were quick to be informed about the variety of jobs in this field and soon learnt that there wasn’t just one editor!

“Does anybody want to be an editor?” … No.

Although this was a surprise to Andrew, I can see why people are put off. As the majority of the course have graduated from University with a BA in English or Creative Writing, we all thought we were safe when it came to the English Language. Weren’t we wrong!

A spelling test seemed rather simple but let me tell you, it wasn’t!

There are three main editors used in the book publishing process. A Commissioning Editor, Copy Editor and a Desk Editor and I didn’t really know the latter existed! They have such an important role in the delivery of the book but it is something I feel can get overlooked by many.

We were told to be picky, personable and well read. You don’t actually need to know everything about what you are working on because they are all the same words. Pick up The Oxford Dictionary for Authors and Writers and use this as your Bible!



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