“Some can slide but most need to stick…”


Publishing contracts, whether fancy or simple they are one of the most important factors in a publishing deal. They will cover everything and anything from the title of the book to the royalties the author will receive.

They have to be fair to both parties as ultimately the publisher and the author rely on a healthy symbiotic relationship as without one another they cannot do their job! Flexibility can work and other times it can’t. You need to know exactly what needs to be in the contract and cannot change for any reason and what you are able to slide with slightly (i.e. Number of copies for the author)

A contract is a legal action to publish an authors work so don’t be alarmed when an author wants to question it and push all of your buttons! Authors can submit their contract to the Society of Authors to discuss with other authors and illustrators.

We looked at examples of when contracts had their issues and when they had been challenged. It was interesting to find out that it isn’t always easy to work with multiple authors as they each want something different. Tony let us into some interesting stories..


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