“From this … to this!”


This week we were able to look at some of Becky’s design work when she was working with Jacqueline Wilson. I find it very informative and interesting to look at Becky’s practical work because you can see her passion for design in all aspects of her work, and it helps me to see what the end picture can look like.

Briefing Illustrators is something I assumed the Publisher did, with the designer working around the illustrator. As far as I am aware, they work hand in hand and if Becky has a view of the cover design, the illustrator will meet that view.

The Jacqueline Wilson book was interesting as we could see where the text was to wrap around images and where Becky wanted certain images to sit. This I imagine will be a good thing to look back over when I am to complete my Tracy Beaker assignment.

Today we also learnt how to write text in a shape, fit text around a shape and all other forms of interior layout! Working with grids was very helpful and I will have to remind myself to set this up on my future work.

I find it extremely helpful to be in Becky’s class as although I may not go down the design route as a Career path, it is definitely something that I am using now and will carry on in the future. The skills I am developing will easily be transferable later on.



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