“It’s busy … all of the time”


Anna Robinette from Egmont visited us today to discuss the role of Production as this is something Tony only briefly touched upon.

I found it very interesting that she discussed the hazard testing that Egmont undergo for all of their products as this is something I would never have typically thought about. Of course it has to go on, but it isn’t something I thought was done with the Publisher themselves. Of course Egmont is a very popular publisher, but it was interesting to find out that they were the first publisher to publish their books on 100% sustainable and recyclable paper.

I enjoyed hearing Anna talk so in depth about Production, from costing to cover finishes and how sometimes you just have to take a risk or hold back. Production is an avenue I look forward to exploring for my Career and so all of the information I heard today I will be researching for future reference.

With the e-book declining and print rate increasing, the need for digital production is still necessary. As products are evolving and children are now using their mobile tablets as an activity, all avenues need to be assessed. Although Egmont have chosen to put their money in print over digital, it is interesting that there are still some companies who are purely relying on digital for their success.


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