“Just go crazy!”


I had never actually looked in depth at a book cover and realised quite how much detail goes into one. Of course we all see terrible covers and brilliant ones, but I had never even thought about cover grids and dimensions.

Giving us a book cover brief allowed us to work independently and ensured that we followed the instructions page by page to ensure the end product was correct.

Picking an image was easy as my eyes were immediately drawn to the Space Cats image with the simple outer space theme. It was an extremely interesting and practical lesson and I did learn a great deal, but I did get rather frustrated with Indesign!

My cover looks like this;

Space cats.png


In hindsight, I would have changed the image on the back cover so it didn’t mirror the front image by incorporating a similar design in the same colour palette.

My font was taken from my fonts.com as I had trouble downloading font onto my computer. This is definitely something for me to work on!

I have since been exploring different articles and online tutorials such as the Beginners Guide to Book Cover Design so I can learn the best way to design an appropriate cover. I have found it very interesting that more often than not, less is more.


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