“Just keep zooming!”


Who knew how important the Cmd & + key would be when working with books! What a tricky session this was – but a very good one indeed.

Designing interior layouts is probably the hardest thing we have learnt so far. For one who gets easily frustrated when a single line doesn’t quite match, this was a tricky lesson! Working with a calculator to ensure all documents were set out to the right dimensions was a lot harder than first thought.

We were given the task of setting up the interior layout for a children’s picture book and at first I naively thought, hey this will be easy. Oh I was wrong..

When a text doesn’t follow the ‘normal’ pattern on a page, I just put it down to a lot of shifting and tabbing across. However this is most definitely not the case as we were introduced to character styles, ‘type on a path’ and the ‘find font’ tools. After a few more weeks on In Design, I have found myself applying the skills learnt in this lesson in my most recent work.

I have looked at some alternative picture book layouts who have used the space creatively to give the desired effect for the reader.


‘The Crocodile who doesn’t like water’ is a very good example of how creative a designer can be with their work. I think the character styles and choice of layout have worked fantastically well in this example.


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