‘Please don’t hate me after this lesson..”



When Becky began to apologise before she had begun the lesson, I knew that we were in for a treat! Cover grids, cover grids and more cover grids.

With a pencil, calculator and a lot of concentrating I was successful in completing the task of creating a cover grid for a Hardback with flaps, Fiction book and a Children’s book. It was a very difficult task that took around 6 hours to complete, but once I had cracked one – It was all a lot easier.

Despite feeling like it was the impossible, Becky provided us with step by step guidance to help us throughout the task. Understanding how to set up a document is very important, including the height of the gutter, the bleed and the slug (all which I’m sure will become simple to remember).

Becky informed us that although there is typically a standard trim size for a page in a book, the turnaround size and margins can differ between publishing houses. It was made very clear to always follow your brief and check it every single step of the way!

Below is a picture of our cover design handout.


I am going to start my JSS cover design this week, so I best get a pencil and calculator to the ready!


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