Children’s Picture Book

Oliver and Patch: Clare Freedman and Kate Hindley


Price: £6.99

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd

ISBN: 9780857079541


Looking through many of the children’s books in Waterstones for our Children’s Writing module, Debbie introduced us to the vast array of designers and styles that are currently on the market. I have chosen Oliver and Patch by Claire Freedman as I think the illustrations throughout are absolutely amazing. Kate Hindley’s work is simple but highly effective, each character has a different emotion and the more you look the more you find on each page.

Although I am typically one to go for a simple cover design, I think the full image works extremely well for a children’s book. As an adult I was extremely drawn to the cover when it was on the shelf and so I am more than sure a child would have the same reaction.

The design inside the book is interesting as it combines full page spreads of design as well as smaller images with a white background. This breaks the story up well and doesn’t get too fussy or confusing for the child. The illustrations used are consistent throughout and I think that this style is one that I would sway towards for my own major project design.

I do find it interesting that although the story has ‘the cute factor’ the story itself is very simple and the illustrations enhance this to make it a fantastic book. The size of the book is consistent with others on the market and for me, 26.4 x 26.6cm is the best size for a picture book.



Of course the world of children’s books is huge and there is such an array of different styles to choose from but for me, Oliver and Patch is my current favourite!


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