The Great Gatsby: F. Scott Fitzgerald


I have chosen Fitzgerald’s classic The Great Gatsby as a cover review as I think it has been redesigned in a variety of ways!

Of course, the classic grew in popularity after the film adaptation in 2013 and so the cover has been redesigned since this to attract new readers. As a firm favourite in my book collection, I thought it would be interesting to have a look at cover designs as mine is unfortunately an old copy that doesn’t have anything too fancy.

I am immediately drawn to the hardback cover below as I think it is very sophisticated and fits well with the novel itself. The gold accents on the cover accentuate the lavish and extravagant themes that run throughout the novel. Gatsby is a flamboyant man but is somewhat reserved and so I think the choice of cover here suits the novel perfectly.

£14.99 Hardback

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

ISBN: 9780141194059

I have included some other cover versions of the novel that I dislike and some brief reasons why.


  1. Cover design is too fussy – The image of the face is too dark to see – The Authors name is hard to read
  2. I like the cartoon design – The title is hard to read over the image
  3. I dislike the colour combination on this design – The cartoon image at the bottom is too fussy – the placement of the text and image does not flow

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