The Other Boleyn Girl Series: Philippa Gregory

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 01.39.20.png

As I am a huge fan of this series, I thought it would be interesting to discuss the terrible choice of cover design!

I can understand completely why they have chosen the typography on the cover designs as I feel that this does suit the historical aspect of the novels quite well. Again, I can somewhat understand the dresses but I just do not think they are the most attractive design.

Personally, I would have made it very simple and delicate. Similar to the recent title, The Essex Serpent (below), my design would echo this slightly with a lighter colour. I think that the grandeur and decadence of the Tudors should be embraced on the front of the cover design as I feel that a lot of people would put the book down if they had not read the blurb.




For continuity, they have maintained the same cover design and typography for the rest of the collection and I think this was wise. Philippa Gregory has now become a very popular author and so her name will sell a book, not the cover design. With this being said however I do believe they go hand in hand and I look forward to seeing if they alter their style for her next work.

Publisher: Zatpix
ISBN: 9781780485683



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