The Story of Tracy Beaker

To start, I set up my Master Pages with Grids!

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 02.47.23

I then added the border and the page numbers to each corner of the page. I did this so I didn’t forget but later had to alter them because of the border!

After this I uploaded the text to the document and began the spelling and grammar checks. I completed the checks for double spaces, apostrophes and en/em dashes and removed when necessary – ensuring that the text itself stayed the same.

I then set up Paragraph styles for my text and began working on the layout of this before I decided which images to place. It occurred to me at the very end of this task that I did not have a font which had both regular and italic options and I had to substitute the two words with a separate font. I was very disappointed with this as it was only last that I realised this.

After I had finished with the text, I imported the relevant images to each page. I began by inserting a box and ‘Place Into’ the image. I found this was the most effective way of doing it from Photoshop (I had to convert the images to Greyscale).

I tried to place my images in the text and wrap it around – however in hindsight I perhaps should have left more space between paragraphs.

This is a view of a double page spread in my file;

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 02.59.00.png



After I had imported all of my images, I re-arranged my text and realised I had lost my character style. I did try to ensure that this was fixed for the final file.

Overall, I did find this exercise interesting and it was very nice to see how far I had come. Yes it wasn’t perfect but I had used a lot of my knowledge and put it into practice which of course is the idea.

I never thought I would be able to typeset a piece of work so I am very happy that I achieved this.




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