Travel Guide

The Lonely Planet

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“Every country in the world, in one guidebook: Lonely Planet delivers the first guide to The World. ” (Waterstones)
For me, the first guide book I would buy is a Lonely Planet guide. They are extremely user friendly with their travel highlights, pull out maps, local ‘lingo’ and much much more.
The text inside is small, however it does surround many colour photo’s to provide the traveller with as much information as possible. They are available in many languages and can easily be found at airports, bookshops and general retailers.
Each cover image has a photograph of the destination and it is later linked in the guide to provide you with specific information. The amount of information provided is phenomenal and a lot more than other travel guides out there. The lonely planet symbol is placed on all of the guidebooks and is now a world wide recognised symbol which is why it takes centre stage on the majority of their guidebooks. The typography is very simple yet effective and it is clear to the reader from the bookshelf.
Overall, I think that the Lonely Planet Publications are one of the best travel guides out there and are designed for the purpose very well.

Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications Ltd
ISBN: 9781743600658



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