Young Adult Fiction

The Book Thief: Markus Zusak


Price: £7.99

Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd

ISBN: 9780552773898

‘Here is a small fact – you are going to die’. Enter 1939 in Nazi Germany, death is everywhere. The novel follows Liesel, a nine-year-old girl living with a foster family as her parents have been taken to a concentration camp. The foster family hide a Jewish man in their house who teaches Liesel to read, leading her to steal books from bonfires, mansions and snow.

I do think that the cover design is slightly odd! The choice of colour and wibling paper works well for the genre and setting as it gives it a tarnish and stain.

Unfortunately I am not too keen on the type chosen for this cover design but I do agree with the burgundy colour choice. It holds connotations of blood which of course fits very well to the underlying theme that runs through the novel.

The choice of image on the cover doesn’t work well at all. I understand that the hooded figure represents death but personally I think it makes the cover look cheap and rushed. Paper choice inside the book is slightly thicker than normal which gives the book a nice luxurious feel to it.


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