“Don’t think too much..”


Today we were joined by Jamie Keenan – a world famous cover designer.

It was interesting to hear that it isn’t necessarily the author or book title that he remembers/recognises, it is usually the cover design and art work.

In an interview for Vertigo, he says “I think designers might have brains that are set up slightly differently to ‘normal’ people (there are always a lot of left handed people design departments).”

This session taught us to be creative and think outside the box and as you can see from the image below, everybody had such different concept and ideas (although they were different tasks you can see a difference in peoples creativity).


Whilst researching Jamie Keenan before our session, I came across his website which showcases all of his fabulous designs. They are all tremendous and I can see why he is such a popular designer! Although a lot of his designs look simple, they are very effective and eye catching. I think the cover of Lolita (4th book in) is a contrast to the traditional book design of a young girl or a body part, but it does portray the sinister message that the book is about!

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 23.49.21


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